Saturday, September 6, 2008

2008/2009 The Top 5 Suns Dancers

It's the off season, I'd rather check the Suns Dancers roster then reading about Thunder Dan producing a movie.

Having a look at the new cheerleading squad, selected from a very crowded auditions (tough choice must have been).

I have to admit this year's group looks promising. The road to catch the NBA finest, The 3-time NBA Dance Bracket champ Miami Heat Dancers, is still a long one, but Suns dancers are on their way.
Anyway, here's my preseason top 5.

1. Kayla (Arizona, 3rd year). Still the best, an All Star for years to come. The "Steve Nash" of dancing. This season KTAR poster girl.

2. Brooke (Arizona, 1st year). Could replace Brandy if give playing time. Rookie of the year stuff.

3. Brittany A (Wyoming, 2nd year) Could be the year of the Brittanys' ?

4. Brittany B (Arizona, 3rd year) Former KTAR Billboard girl

5. Amanda R (Indiana, 2nd year) Hoping to avoid a sophmore slump. Looks just great

Way to go, Girls !

Go Suns !


Anonymous said...

Do you know who were the two dancers that was on stage with Kevin Rudolf during the half time show for the 2009 NBA allstar game?

Luca. 5,997 miles from Phoenix said...

No, I'm sorry, I don't, but they looked good.

Anonymous said...

I've watched that performance on Tivo about 100 times since teh all-start game. those front 2 dancers are amazing.