Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've found a new home

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Sons of Steve Nash is moving to Fanster

The Sons of Steve Nash is moving !

The blog will officially become part of the Fanster All Sports All Phoenix Network, the ultimate resource for Arizona Sports Fans.

This is the new home of the Sons of Steve Nash

Please make sure to update your links, bookmarks and feeds as the season is approaching.

Sio, louder then ever Go Suns !

Yours truly, Steve Fan

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stay tuned

Stay tuned fellow Suns citizens....Camp will open on Tuesday.
There will be some basketball played....Finally !

Go Suns !

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Suns sign Dragic...finally

The Suns will open camp in a few days with their back up PG ready to go. Goran Dragic is officially a Sun as yesterday signed a three-year deal (with an option on a fourth season).
It's quite important to have a PG in camp from day one as he'll need all the time he can to know his teammates, learn the plays and get ready for life in the NBA.
Goran has talent, that's a given, has size (6-4) and a tremendous upside at 22 years of age.
Whether those qualities will make him a good NBA guard will be seen. We'll try not to put too much pressure on please stop all those Tony Parker comparisons.

In the meantime, welcome to the Valley!

I can smell training camp around the corner, finally.

Go Suns !

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two meaningless news of the week

I can't wait for the season to begin...I am looking to see that damn basketball bounce again...please. Can't stand any more weeks of Suns news of this great relevance...

First, the Suns invite 3 players to camp, non of whom will have a chance to make the Opening Day roster. In case you care those invited are Robert Hite, former Heat player, Trey Johnson, last seen in Summer League play following a year in Serbia, and Jiri Hubalek from Jackson State...Huba who?
In case you wonder, Suns already have 13 players under contract for next year.

Then, The Big Cactus declares he will retire at the end of his current contract....Really? I believed Shaq was gonna play until 50.

Whatever, Camp opens in Tucson in less then three weeks. Looking forward to Year I of the Porter Era

Go Suns !

Saturday, September 6, 2008

2008/2009 The Top 5 Suns Dancers

It's the off season, I'd rather check the Suns Dancers roster then reading about Thunder Dan producing a movie.

Having a look at the new cheerleading squad, selected from a very crowded auditions (tough choice must have been).

I have to admit this year's group looks promising. The road to catch the NBA finest, The 3-time NBA Dance Bracket champ Miami Heat Dancers, is still a long one, but Suns dancers are on their way.
Anyway, here's my preseason top 5.

1. Kayla (Arizona, 3rd year). Still the best, an All Star for years to come. The "Steve Nash" of dancing. This season KTAR poster girl.

2. Brooke (Arizona, 1st year). Could replace Brandy if give playing time. Rookie of the year stuff.

3. Brittany A (Wyoming, 2nd year) Could be the year of the Brittanys' ?

4. Brittany B (Arizona, 3rd year) Former KTAR Billboard girl

5. Amanda R (Indiana, 2nd year) Hoping to avoid a sophmore slump. Looks just great

Way to go, Girls !

Go Suns !

Nothing to write

This is possible the worst part of the year for basketball fans as the new season is getting closer but it's still a good two months away.

Draft is forgotten, unless you consider Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur recent "off the field" performance. I know boys will be they say, but are these kids dumb or what? The NBA rookies Orientation program is basically about Women, Drugs and Finance.

Trade talks and free agent signings are done.

Of course, since the season is getting closer a few Suns players are actually coming to the Valley for various activities: support the Mercury, announce the Suns will go solar in 2009 and talking to the press like STAT did last week on

So nothing really to write about. I thinks I'll check the 2009 Suns Dancers over the weekend, maybe the season will look better.

Go Suns!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Summer of Steve Nash, finally some time off...chilling out with Sidney Crosby

After our beloved one spent the summer in the usual activity....

It's now time to take some rest, recharge batteries for the new Suns season. The same Sons of Steve Nash paparazzi that got him hangin out in the desert with Randy Johnson last year this time got him on the Australia Gold Coast, chilling out by the sea with none other then fellow canadian NHL legend Sideny Crosby.

Here's the pictures.

Enjoy the rest of summer. Have fun...and Go Suns !

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The 2008/09 Suns Schedule

The 2008/09 NBA schedule was finally released on Wedensday. As always schedule day is a great you ccould actually start counting the days to the new season.

The Suns will open the season on the road they way they ended the last one...playing the Spurs on Oct. 29th. Nothing better to start the year than a rande-vous with Tim, Tony and Manu.

Here's some of the highlights of the schedule:
  • Opening game: Oct. 29th in San Antonio (on ESPN)
  • Home opener: Oct. 30th vs New Orleans (on TNT)
  • First meeting with the NBA Champ Celtics: Jan. 19th. The Celts will return the favour on Feb. 22nd. I just hope we won't regret the trade that never was (KG) by that time
  • Final game: Apr. 15th vs Golden State
  • Longest home stand: 4 games in March (Philadelphia, Washington, Denver, Utah)
  • Longest road trip: 6 games in January (Toronto, Boston, New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington) from Jan. 18th to the 26th. There's a tough, but short trip East between Feb. 8th and 11th (right before the All Star Game) with the Suns playing the Pistons, the much-improved Sixers and the Cavs.
  • Toughest month: December as the Suns will travel a lot and will play on the road at Dallas, New Orleans and the Lakers while hosting Utah, Orlando and San Antonio among others.
  • Toughest stretch of the season: there are two very interesting 4-game stretch one in Nov. (16-22) when the Suns will play Detroit, Utah, the Lalers and Portland and one in March (6-12) with Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Cleveland).
  • First Steve Nash - Dirk Nowitzki reunion: Dec. 4th in Dallas.
  • Biggest game of the year: That Christmas date with the Spurs (Dec. 25th at 12.30 on ABC). It's possibly better than last year's Xmas with Kobe.
  • First Lopez Family reunion: Nov. 4th in New Jersey and Nov. 30th in Phoenix.
  • Those Lakers games: in LA on Dec. 10th, Feb. 26th and in the Valley on Nov. 20th and March 1st.
And finally don't forget the 2009 All Star Game is coming to the Valley, on Feb. 15th.

Start counting, it's 83 days to the Suns opener

Go Suns !

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NBA to release 2008/09 Schedule later today

The 2008/09 NBA Schedule will be released later today, but according to the Arizona Republic the Suns will play on Christmas day this year as well.After the Xmas with Kobe in 2008, we could be looking at Xmas with the Spurs. What a Joy!

The Suns will open the season on the road in San Antonio on Oct. 29th before hosting the Hornets the following day. For sure not an easy way to start the year.We'll see what the rest of the upcoming season will shape up anytime now...

Go Suns !

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Suns sign forward Matt Barnes

According to various sources, including the official, the Suns have reached an agreement with free agent forward Matt Barnes. Barnes will sign a one-year veteran’s minimum deal to play for the Suns next season.

Barnes, a five-year veteran, played the last two season with the Golden State Warriors and last year averaged 6.7 PPG and 4.9 RPG. He was one of the surprise players in the great Warriors playoffs run in 2006/07.

The signing seems like an excellent move as the Suns are adding a solid pro who can share playing time at small forward with Grant Hill while leaving some money under the cap to complete the roster.

The Suns have now only two spots left on their roster and will try to sign a back up point guard as the top priority since Dragic will stay in Spain next year and the recent Summer League proved that D.J. Strawberry, while playing with great energy and being a solid contributor, is not going to be an NBA point guard anytime soon.

Go Suns !

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rockets beat Suns 100-97 in Summer League opener

Donte Green scored 40 points on 12-of-20 shooting to lead the Rockets past the Summer Suns 100-97 last night in Las Vegas in the opening game of the 2008 Summer League for both teams.

Suns sophomores D.J. Strawberry and Alando Tucker - last year’s picks in case you forgot - each scored 22 points in the Suns 2008 Summer League debut.D.J. shot 7-for-15 from the field and missed on his only two 3-point attempts, including one in the closing seconds of the game that would have tied it at 100. Alando went 6-of-16 from the field and both grabbed 6 rebounds as well.

The biggest news of the day had to be Robin Lopez first game with the Suns. Robin had a solid game more or less confirming the scouting reports we saw immediately after the 2008 Draft: athletic player, solid rebounder, good defender, can run the floor but can’t shoot.Lopez scored a good 19 points (5-for-13 from the field but a very poisitve 9-of-11 from the free-throw line), grabbed 5 rebounds, had 7 fouls called on him in 27 minutes of play.

From what we’ve seen last night nobody else really emerged as a possible candidate for a spot on the 2008/09 Suns roster.

It was the usual Summer League game, a lot of young athletic players running and hustling on both sides of the court, up and down all night. At least it was a real game of basketball.

The Suns (0-1) will now face the Spurs (1-0) on Thursday afternoon (5:30 PM).

Go Suns !

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The 2008 Suns...Summer version

Amid all the talks and the rumors at least we're about to see some basketball. It's once again Summer League Time. Not the best game on the planet I understand, but at least they're keeping scores and you can actually watch most of the games on TV....Oh, and a few of the guys will play in November.

The most interesting thing will be watching Robin Lopez make his pro debut and taking a look at Tucker and Strawberry to check if they are better then last summer. By the way, D.J. had a very good summer league last year and he's not guranteed a contract for nex year.

I am sure I would love the Summer League given a chance to spend a week in Vegas...not bad, a vacation in Vegas with some basketball as a throw in.

Anyway, the Summer Suns, 2008 version coached by Thunder Dan Majerle will begin play on July 14th at 5:30 against the Summer Rockets. The Schedule will run through Sunday July, 20th and the Suns will play the Spurs, Knicks (and have a look at Gallinari), the Blazers (Oden? Fernandez...who was a Sun for 15 minutes) and the Wizards.

Generally the Summer coach is one of the Suns assistants so Majerle is perfect, plus Dan is in great shape, sporting a great tan...or in other words just perfect for a Summer League in Vegas.

The Summer Suns Roster is made of group of young players (basically all rookies) most of whom - with the possible exception of F Rod Benson, PG Jared Jordan and G Marcus Vinicius - won't have a chance to make the roster but it's a great occasion to show the world how talented you are playing against high draft picks.

I know it's not the real thing, but I am looking forward to some's been long since the Suns lost to the Spurs basically ending my basketball season.

Go Suns !